Dennise Gallardo-Verzo

I’ve always followed her work through social media even before the thought of marriage even occurred! Her work had always have intricate ethereal details which I was easily drawn too while imagining my wedding dress for that special day. Like many 2020 brides, this year was though but we all knew that getting married was possible! When it was getting clearer that I was getting married this year (AHHHHH!), I just knew it had to be Ms. Bella who I go to for my dress! She made the process still feel like how it used to be but made it safer for everyone in her team and me which was very important. I loved how we just clicked during the countless conversations on the design! There were moments that I told myself “She really gets me!” more-so with the challenge of going digital for the design process and meeting only on the first fitting. Our combined thoughts on the process, she made possible through my dress for our special day. To the other brides-to-be, you will not regret having this talented designer be with you during this difficult time. She understands the jitters and the hesitations and works with you to make your vision come to life! 

To Ms. Bella, I am grateful for having this opportunity to express passion for art and fashion with you! I can’t wait for the next dress and for more success to you and the team! Stay safe and healthy. 

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