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It all starts with the embroidery and the sky’s the limit for your design. Because of the craft that we do, we can create truly unique designs and patterns for your embroidery that only you will have. Each line, each stitch, each bloom of a flower and each pattern of a leaf is drawn according to your desire, with consideration to your material. With this meticulous attention to detail, shape, color, your embroidery becomes the foundation for the art of beadwork. 

In essence, the beadwork elevates the embroidery to a different level of grandeur. With crystals coming in all shapes, sizes and types, we can create visions of opulence for your gown. We use Japanese and Korean crystals, pure ceramic crystals and the gorgeous Swarovski crystals to elevate our gowns. Our work with these twinkling specks create magnificent beauties that make you sparkle like a star under the moonlit sky. The flamboyance of full crystal-encrusted masterpieces is sought-after as every single bead and every single crystal is throughly and deliberately thought out to take your breath away. 

Thus, weddings as special as they are, will always be one of the most important events in our lives and it is our philosophy that all our brides must feel their most beautiful on their big day. Aside from impeccable service, creating such lasting memories where each of our brides look like awe-inspiring visions down the aisle are of paramount importance to us—which is why our work is never finished until we have created a work of art made just for you. Because it all starts and ends with you, our bride.

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